Yoga at Maya Tulum

Due to NEW COVID-19 Pandemia protocols, classes will be private, limited to 1-4 participants at $70 USD per class.

Itzamna is a smaller hall named for the Mayan god of medicine and creativity.

Ixchel is a larger hall named for the Mayan jaguar goddess of healing and nurturing.

Nature informs and enriches everything at Maya Tulum – particularly the practice of yoga.

Take a deep breath and imagine the sound of ocean waves and rustling palm fronds.

At Maya Tulum, our expert resident yoga instructors lead all-levels classes in a variety of styles in spiritually sensitive, nature-centric spaces. Due to COVID-19, classes are now offered on a private basis.  1-4 individuals for $70 USD.  Please email the spa desk directly  or call 678.248.6406 to arrange your private classes and bring your own mat and props.

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