Nothing better than hotels on the beach of Tulum to reconnect with nature

Unquestionably, few sounds are as soothing as those of the birds singing at dawn, the incessant whisper of the Caribbean waves or the snorting of the wind through a jungle of ancient secrets. Each and every one of them is just a small sample of the majesty of nature, of our roots, and of what fills us with life. And, to live this experience, there will be no better place than the beaches of Tulum.
So, in this post, we want to talk more about what you can live in this town where nature meets ancient customs to help you reestablish your connection with the whole.
In this sense, the first step is to find accommodation in a hotel near the beach and the jungle that keeps the millenary secrets of the Mayans, a hotel just like Maya Tulum.

Why is Tulum an ideal destination to reconnect with nature?
Although it sounds incredible, this town located between the sea and the jungle of the Riviera Maya has remained a sanctuary to preserve the relationship of man with nature, as a mystical meeting place where the connection with the Earth itself is rediscovered. Thus, spending a few days in Tulum and living some ancestral rituals will allow you to return to your origins and recognize how valuable the gift of life is in all its forms.
Therefore, when you stay at a hotel near the beach in Tulum, you can live countless experiences so that your soul, your body, your mind and your heart feel the warm embrace of the sun, the refreshing ocean breeze and harmonize with the sweet sounds coming from the jungle. In this way, during your stay you can:

  1. Admire the wonders of nature
    From your room, the pool or the bar, you can contemplate the beauty of the sea, the sky and the jungle, observe every detail and listen to the voices of nature that will calm your soul. Definitely this experience will not only bring your sight to a state of ecstasy but will vibrate to the deepest fiber of your being.
  2. Soothe your mind and heart
    We all go through moments that test the strength of our spirit and can confuse our thinking. Therefore, there is nothing better than a yoga session at dawn to release all the stress and innutritious feelings for our life.
    During them, our instructors will guide you so that you can reach a state of peace, a place in the here and now where you can enjoy every moment of life to the fullest.
  3. Be grateful for the gifts that the Earth gives us
    On this journey of natural reconnection, an unmissable stopover is to show gratitude for the fruits of creation. And, for this, the best option is to enjoy a hearty meal full of fresh ingredients, from local crops. Ingredients that, depending on the season, will surprise your palate with sweet, acidic, salty and spicy flavors. Definitely, an authentic party full of colors and aromas that you will remember forever.
  4. Swim in the mystical waters of a cenote
    Legend has it that the waters of the cenotes have a very special magic. Being connected to the center of the Earth, it was a sacred place to worship the gods. And the truth is that, currently, it has the power to restore the balance of your body.
    Unquestionably, swimming in its fresh and crystalline waters, in the middle of trees and caverns, will make your consciousness recover its integrity with nature.
  5. Strengthen your relationship with the people of the world
    If there is something that distinguishes Tulum from other destinations in the Rivera Maya, it is the possibility of living with people from all corners of the planet. So, whether it’s a bike ride around the town or you prefer to join a party, you can always connect with more people like you, lovers of nature and all its wonders.
    As you have read, the hotels in Tulum near the beach, beyond providing you with all the comforts for a dream trip, will help you reestablish your ties with nature, forget about negative situations and recover a state of balance between your body, your soul and your mind.
    So, if you want to live the experience of Tulum naturally, you can enter our reservation center to schedule your next visit. Or, if you prefer to discover more experiences that you can live in Maya Tulum, you can continue to our rooms, our gastronomic proposal or, continue reading, 10 activities that our guests love to do in Tulum.
    We hope soon to welcome you at Hotel Maya Tulum to rediscover the meaning of nature.
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