How to choose the best hotel in Tulum?

Lately, Tulum has become one of the most popular destinations in the entire Riviera Maya. And, with such popularity, it is not surprising that the number of hotels in the area has also increased considerably. Thus, choosing the best hotel to stay in Tulum is becoming a less simple task. Therefore, we want to dedicate this note to comment on some recommendations and tricks so that you always find the best place to stay.

  1. Recognize the reason for your trip
    Perhaps, this point may sound a bit obvious, but with the excitement of a trip, we can often forget why we do it. Therefore, it is important that, before making any type of plan, we identify the reasons for our trip. At the end of the day, if our main reason is business, we will require the hotel to have very specific and different amenities than if the trip was for pleasure or to visit family.
  1. See available hotels
    Once we have known the reasons for our trip, then we can start investigating which hotels have availability on the dates we have selected. Thus, we can make a list with all the available offers and review each one calmly so as not to err in any type of detail. Some of the applications where you can start your search are Trivago, Booking or even Google Maps. In them, beyond verifying which ones are available, you can find valuable information such as distances, recommendations and opinions of the experiences of other travelers.
  1. Find the features that differentiate each option
    Once you have found all the hotels that are to your liking, now it will be time to review the different features and amenities offered by each one. The truth is that, in Tulum, you can find options for all tastes. From those discreet boutique hotels full of local amenities, to large resorts where fun is around every corner. Our recommendation in this area is that you think again about those amenities that will make your trip more pleasant. For example, have high-speed wireless internet, breakfast included, 24-hour room service, air conditioning or a toy library for the little ones to also have fun. As we have already mentioned, taking the time to browse each hotel’s website and recommendations on Tripavisor will be the key to always booking at a charming hotel.
  1. Search for the best rates per night
    Now that you’ve gotten to know your candidates better, it’s time to think about the budget for your trip. At the end of the day, the economic outlook can vary greatly between hotels of the same class and even on different dates. Therefore, we recommend that you do not book the first offer you see. It’s best to check all options calmly to make sure you get the best price per night. As an added tip, you can check the reservations page directly from the hotel. On many occasions, there are the best prices, although it does not seem so at first glance. In this sense, you must be careful when using booking engines since in them it is common that the first price you see does not include service fees or taxes, which could cause a considerable increase in the cost of your reservation.


JUN 16 & 17

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Make your reservation between Jun 16 and 17.
Stay from Jun 16, 2024 to December 27, 2025.

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