How to Maneuver the Cancun Airport:

When you disembark the aircraft, follow the signs to Immigration, where you can expect a wait of 15 to 60 minutes. Once you have cleared Immigration, follow the signs to Baggage Claim.  After collecting your bags at the luggage carousel,  head to customs where you may or may not have to submit to a random baggage check.

Passengers are randomly selected for this screening by pressing a button which produces a red or green light.  A green light means you a free to exit the airport.  A red light means you will have to wait for extra screening which includes an x-ray screening and a physical check of the contents by a customs official or police officer.

After clearing Customs, keep walking to the Airport Exit, ignoring all counters on the way.  You will not be permitted to take luggage carts, so if needed, hire a luggage handler. A standard tip is $1 per bag.

Finding your Maya Tulum Driver:

A transportation representative will be standing right outside the airport exit door holding a MAYA TULUM RESORT sign.  Please find this person immediately, because your driver might be waiting outside of the airport grounds for a call from this representative.

If the representative is not immediately outside the exit doors, they could be on the other side of the road, directly across from the exit.

If you cannot find the representative, please call Maya Tulum at: +52-1-984-116-4495 (if calling from a US cell phone, dial 011-521-984-116-4495)

Delayed or Cancelled Flight?

The representative at the airport is monitoring all incoming flights.  If your flight is delayed, there is no need to contact the resort, as our transportation team will automatically make corrective arrangements to the transportation schedule.

In the case of a missed or canceled flight, please contact the resort directly at +52-1-984-116-4495 or +52-1-984-151-9344. You can also email the front desk: frontdesk@mayatulum.com.

We look forward to your arrival!