Power Yoga Retreat with Bryan Kest


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When: August 1, 2015-August 8, 2015 – all day

Contact: workshops@poweryoga.com

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Retreats are just that! We leave our “normal,” everyday life and enrich ourselves with an exotic, earthy adventure. I like to describe our retreats as vigorously spiritual and totally amazing in every way. My personal mission is to see to it that you have an amazing “trip!”

There are no prerequisites to attend the retreat, although it would be informative for you to have taken at least a few classes with me to see that you jive with my teaching style. You can take some of my classes online at www.poweryoga.com.

Bryan’s Perspective:

All true wellness and health come from a calm and peaceful mind. A calm and peaceful mind is

  • Less dominated by habits and addictive behavior.
  • Less reactive to outer situations (less stress).
  • More centered and objective.
  • More accepting of life and its fluctuations.
  • More in tune with the body breath, feelings and intuition.

So, the poses naturally need to be infused with a purpose and meaning which brings insight and energy to an otherwise mundane physical practice of poses, or eastern calisthenics. In this way, the poses become asana or “meditation in motion.” As we excel in this practice, our yoga begins to transcend the yoga room and permeates our life. In other words, a strong physical practice needs to be grounded in a strong mental practice.