Maya Tulum Resort is working hard to reduce its environmental footprint and minimize the resort’s impact on our pristine Mexican coastline. Recent eco-initiatives include reducing the amount of plastic used in our seaside restaurant and buying more and more products from local purveyors, including fresh produce, herbs, and locally caught fish.

To that end, the resort is pleased to announce that it recently started incorporating a new bottled water product – Sky Ha’ Rainwater. Locally bottled and packaged in 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable bottles, Sky Ha’ Rainwater collects local rain falling in Mexico’s Caribbean tropical jungles before it ever touches the ground, then purifies the water through a rigorous filtration process.

Sky Ha’ Rainwater is eco-friendly and pure with a refreshing taste. For more information, please check out


Rain storm over Maya Tulum Resort


Maya Tulum Sky