Guide to traveling alone to Tulum

Traveling alone to Tulum can be exciting and rewarding. This tourist destination is one of the most popular in Mexico to visit alone due to its relaxed and mystical atmosphere. This allows you to connect unusually with Mayan culture and, why not? with yourself
In that sense, here we present a small guide to traveling alone to Tulum.

  1. Plan your trip in advance
    Documents: Make sure you have a valid passport and check if you need a visa to enter Mexico, depending on your nationality.
    Choose the date: Remember that Tulum can get very crowded during the high season (December to April), so consider visiting between May and November if you prefer to avoid the crowds.
    Budget: Set how much you want to invest in your trip, including accommodation, transportation, food, and activities.
  2. How to get there?
    Keep in mind that the closest airport to Tulum is Cancun. From there, you can take a bus, taxi, or ride-share to your destination, which is about two hours away.
    Conversely, you can also take a bus from your current location. Tulum is connected with several major cities in Mexico.
  3. Transport
    Bicycles: An excellent way to get around Tulum. Bicycle rentals are common. It is an excellent option if you want to live the adventure to the fullest and take advantage of the trails specially designed for cyclists.
    Rental Car: If you want to explore beyond Tulum and visit other nearby places, such as the ruins of Coba or the picturesque beaches of the Riviera Maya, consider this option. Just remember that it is difficult to find parking in the city center.
  4. Activities and places to visit
    a) Explore the famous Mayan ruins of Tulum, located on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea, a unique and unparalleled site.
    b) Enjoy the tranquil beaches and snorkel or dive in the nearby reefs.
    c) Remember to bring sunscreen, a hat and a beach towel to enjoy a relaxing day
    d) Visit the cenotes, natural freshwater wells, where you can swim and explore underground caves.
    e) Explore the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a protected area with rich biodiversity.
    f) Do not miss the opportunity to taste delicious cuisine. There is a wide range of restaurants and food stalls offering everything from authentic Mexican food to vegetarian and vegan options. We recommend fresh seafood and ceviches, as well as traditional dishes such as tacos al pastor or tamales.
    g) Take the opportunity to learn about Mayan culture by visiting local communities and participating in cultural tours.
    h) Tulum is known as a wellness destination, with numerous yoga studios and retreats. Consider joining a class in this discipline or enjoying a relaxing massage.
    i) Tulum also has a lively nightlife. Explore the bars and clubs in the beach area, where you’ll find live music and themed parties.
  5. Accommodation
    If Tulum characterizes anything, it is that it offers travelers a wide variety of accommodation options that suit different budgets and preferences.
    One of the most stunning options to live a truly memorable experience is Maya Tulum. This is a hotel located in the heart of the city of dawn, becoming one of the main hotels to provide absolute tranquility.
    This space is an environmentally responsible sanctuary, designed to offer a sensory explosion from the entrance to the most hidden corner. It adapts every detail to its natural environment.
    So, if you want to live a few days that you will never forget, Maya Tulum is an excellent space to connect with nature and immerse yourself in part of the Mayan culture traditions.
  6. Cultural and environmental respect
    Tulum is known for its focus on sustainability, environmental conservation and culture. In that sense, our highest recommendation is that you get actively involved in this field. Thus, you can learn more about the context of this destination and create beautiful memories of your visit.

Now, about environmental care, we can suggest using biodegradable and eco-friendly products to preserve nature’s gifts.


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