Mimi has been living and breathing her dream of being a full-time yoga teacher since she created O2 Yoga in 1998. O2 is a system she believes is like no other for changing and improving body, mind and spirit. She has a BS in nutrition, a BA in psychoogy, and and MS in exercise physiology. Feeling centered, grounded and peaceful involves all facets of the physical and energetic body. Yoga is a natural extension of this belief. “Yoga represents a way of harnessing all the good energy, focusing it on one point, to creat a more harmonious individual and therefore a more peaceful world,” she says. Her infectious enthusiam and love for teaching comes through in everything she does. She specializes in strong anatomical focus, adjusting the body to better align and stregthen the spine and therefore create better posture, better mood, better interactions with the world and a more centered and quiet mind.

Mimi’s creation, O2 Yoga, is a unique system that draws from the philosophy of the eight-limbed path of Patanjali. O2 Yoga in athletic, empowering, energizing and life-changing. O2 Yoga is a community of teachers and students who believe in the connection to all living beings and therefore our responsibility to be conscious of all of our actions, words and intentions. O2 Yoga encourages a proactive interaction with the world.

This retreat offers two O2 Yoga classes daily, one taught by Mimi, and the other by one of our awesome O2 teachers. Mimi and her family, O2 Yoga and her sons and husband, have been going to Maya Tulum for over 15 years and it keeps getting better and better.