“It is our nature to joyfully awaken with the body as the vessel.” Debbie Leoni

Imagine a spirit filled week of Sukhava Bodhe, Joyful Awakening, as you wake up to the sound of the waves renewing your soul. Too often, we function in “asleep” mode, being unaware of what has us feeling passionate, alive and purposeful. “Joyful Awakening” comes in many forms and being in this Mayan oasis will offer you the opportunity to experience awakening through movement, yoga, meditation and workshops.

Not only will you experience the power from the group energy and feel connected; you will also be offered the personal attention from Debbie Leoni as she guides you to remember your true life’s purpose and passion.

The week will consist of: 2 yoga classes daily, guided meditation, and on some days you will be offered a “Joyful Awakening” workshop. Debbie teaches all level yoga classes that will include yin, vinyasa, and ashtanga, with a focus on mindfulness throughout. Expect to laugh, play, sweat, breathe, feel safe and deeply connect to yourself and enjoy the rhythms of your body before, during and after your practice. The week will also include a sacred ritual in the labyrinth guided by Debbie.

There will be plenty of time for exploration in the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula where you can enjoy alone time on the beach, shopping, spa treatment and excursions. The Tulum ruins, Coba and swimming in the magical waters of a Cenote will lend to your experience of joyful awakenings. Debbie will lead you

Debbie Leoni first and foremost, is a lover of life. There’s nothing more rewarding to Debbie than to support others towards transformation. Debbie has over 30 years in the wellness field from owning a personal training business, international speaker, professional coach and retreat leader, author and yoga instructor. Debbie believes that everything is spiritual and she walks the talk by leading others into mindfulness and creating the life of their dreams.