Join me for a beach yoga retreat in beautiful Tulum, Mexico the bohemian-style resort Maya Tulum. This is a chance to explore the Maya ruins and jungle landscape of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in the Carabbean Sea, all while deepening your yoga practice, absorbing a gentle ocean breeze, and setting life-affirming daily intentions.

The mission behind this retreat – Be Love – is to nourish the spiritual warrior in each of us. As yoga practitioners, we are already inclined to lead lives of compassionate action, and I aim to support you as you develop and awaken the super soul-dier within. When “Be Love” is your guiding mantra, the right choices seem to simply present themselves and life unfolds likea flower delicately, sensuously revealing its precious inner essence. Think of this week as a time to renew your commitment to letting love light the way.

Through self-car practices, intelligently sequenced warming flows, sunrise meditations (optional), restorative afternoon yoga, and powerful daily intentions, we will become the embodiement of love and the bricklayers of a cooperative human future.

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