The Magic and Wisdom of Your Soul

Dhi “is the inner voice of higher wisdom that knows and is capable of guiding you…it is the light of the inner teacher that dwells within you.” Rod Stryker

During the retreat, we will journey through seven days of Dhi, exploring yoga practices, deep rest, meditations and creative expression. Seven Days of Dhi will help to empower you with the capacity to take good exquisite care of yourself in this world, listening to the magic and wisdom of intuition. Explore that practices that empower us to be our best selves. In the sacred container of a retreat environment let’s play and discover our own inner wisdom and have a safe space to follow it fearlessly! We are each born with our own unique purpose (dharma). When we are aligned with Dhi we can make choices that help to move us toward dharma and away from fear.

Practice living fearlessly with us for seven days as we dive deep into an exploration of Dhi. The daily themes of this magical retreat include: Purification and Release, Self Care and Rejuvenation, Foregiveness and Gratitude, Creativity and Freedom, Manifestation and Dreaming, Empowerment and Daring as well as Ritual.