The Soul Healing and Exploration through the Arts workshop is a week long reflection of the inner soul through artistic work and deep recognition with lectures and classes that will teach you about healing, business for creatives, and the steps to happiness. Our hosts Aida Avery and Ambar Januel come from a lineage of artists and healers. Aida Avery is recognized for her healing and art, she has helped many individuals find the path to transformation through clarity and joy with healing work and intuitive life coaching, she grew up in Mexico and is based out of New England. Ambar Januel is an contemporary artist and entrepreneur, she helps creatives and brands as the co-founder and creative director of the creative and branding agency J+J (, based in LA.

Our workshop is a thorough examination of our physical world through the discovery of our true self. During our painting classes our journey begins in the physical body, and continues through uncovering what we are hiding in our subconscious and give ourselves the ability to express it and change our paths for the better. Our week will be filled with lectures that teach you how to find your inner wisdom and joy through positive thinking and awareness.

We will begin every morning with an optional meditation session by the ocean, a delicious and healthy breakfast, and a lecture. Followed by a painting class including fine art techniques and lessons on conceptual art as well as tips on pursuing a career as a creative.