These two popular and gifted teachers return to Maya Tulum for their 25th season welcoming you–both new and experienced students and teachers. Combining 40+ years of practicing and teaching, Jenni & Paul’s yoga continues to evolve, respecting your needs–whatever age– with intuition, knowledge, respect and intelligence in an atmosphere of compassionate and heart felt support. Says one student (JK of California) “Jenni and Paul don’t force complicated poses on people whose bodies can’t do them. They take me where I can’t go myself, and it always feels appropriate, safe and still challenging for me.”

Enjoy fun, spirited morning practices focusing on functional strength and mobility. Focus is on developing life-long life- enhancing habits with two sets of skilled hands and eyes to help you stay in optimal alignment. Afternoon practices include Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Inner Journey practices.

From Paul: “While we respect the many systems of yoga we have studied and practiced, we focus primarily on the student–who you are, where you are in your life, what you need. From there we focus on awareness of habit patterns, strength and proper movement mechanics. Physically we value working efficiently in correct alignment, breathing fully, resting sufficiently and enjoying the process as hallmarks of intelligent yoga practice that helps us move through life being who we want to be, feeling how we want to feel.”

From Jenni: “We believe flexibility comes from balanced strength. We explore and often create postures that mimic everyday movements and the athleticism that requires balancing, rotational action and extension to help us build a stronger foundation and core. We often use a variety of tools including balls, foam rollers, bands, poles, massagers, anything that can help stimulate circulation and release and mobilize connective tissue.”

These two are grateful for and bring to their teaching their eclectic background of studies including Iyengar®, Anusara®, Yoga Therapy, Zen Buddhist Meditation, the Nia ® Technique, Brad Bartenen’s elite training, Hakomi, RCS (Recreating the Self) methods, trauma therapy and their own ever- evolvoing Yoga practice.

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