Recently, Maya Tulum Resort welcomed Maria Russo and her husband Anthony Russo from The Culture-ist. Here is a sneak peak of their experience:


Photo Credit Anthony Russo

“It is believed that 66 million years ago an astroid struck the earth in the region of the Yucatan Peninsula in the area we now know as Tulum. It was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs and a long running ice age. What was most significant about the impact was the incredible amount of energy it produced in such a small area of the planet. Many people believe that the energy still lives in Tulum and creates a magical aura around the region.

I first felt the essence of this magic when I visited Tulum last year. The soft, gorgeous beach town has remained in my heart ever since, so when I began feeling some questions about my life path stir up I knew it was time to return.

Anthony and I chose to stay at Maya Tulum Resort because it is known for the peaceful energy that flows through the property most likely cultivated by the people who visit – the resort hosts some of the best yoga retreats the world over and the spa incorporates healing treatments that nourish the body, mind and soul. Their temazcal is known to be particularly healing as it is designed to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well being through a purging of physical and emotional toxins.

When we arrived at Maya Tulum, I immediately felt that soft flow of energy seep into my body. The footpaths at the resort are paved with sand to encourage guests to walk barefoot, which for me immediately created a sense of freedom and connectivity with the natural beauty that is Tulum. I walked towards the ocean feeling my eyes adjust to the brilliant light generated by the white sand and blue water playing in sync with the sky, palms, and jagged rocky outcrops, creating the most beautiful palette of colors.”

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