Sustainability at Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa

Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa strives to reduce its environmental footprint and minimize the property’s impact on our pristine Mexican coastline

Water & Energy Conservation

All Maya Tulum guest rooms are cleaned daily. If you choose to re-use your towels, please leave them hanging on the towel rack. If you require new towels you may place your used towels on the floor to indicate so. The fresh bed linens in your room are not changed daily unless you request it.

Sky Ha’ Rainwater

Maya Tulum offers a specialty bottled water product – Sky Ha’ Rainwater. Locally bottled and packaged in 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable bottles, Sky Ha’ Rainwater collects local rain falling in Mexico’s Caribbean tropical jungles before it ever touches the ground, then purifies the water through a rigorous filtration process.

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